Developer Projects

Land subdivisions

Queensland’s legal framework for property development is complex. We have the experience to meet your needs – from drafting contracts and sales manuals through to completion – across an ever-changing economic and statutory landscape.

We have expertly conducted thousands of property settlements and has made certain of all contract compliance issues: POA, LSA, EPA & BCCMA.

We provide full legal office service and can take full responsibility for the legal side of your development. With interactive online contract preparation; and online tracking and reporting provided free, the QBPL value proposition adds up.

For an on-time and on-budget legal component, help ensure your projects success with QBPL.

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Community title developments

Eliminate settlement risk with robust and compliant off-the-plan contract documentation that accommodates all of the requirements of your development.

We will work with your development consultants to ensure all steps are met as and when required and settlements occur as contracted.

Marketing agreements

Marketing arrangements for development projects can take many different forms.

Regardless of whether the marketer agrees to underwrite a base sale price for project stock or acts on a commission only basis, the means of remuneration, duties of the marketer and qualifications for payment require particular attention from those drafting such agreements.

Let us know how you would like to structure marketing arrangements so that we can advise you the most beneficial way to proceed.

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3 things to consider before choosing your business lawyers

Will they add value?

QBPL team members have all the technical skills and offer a fresh outlook for how to achieve your business objectives.

Having a sense for business and being able to leverage expertise for the benefit of your business can add outstanding client value. Call today.

Are they efficient?

Does your commercial law firm deploy advanced systems and technology that streamlines processes to reduce client costs and provide transparency?

QBPL provides client side access to document and critical transaction details  – which means quicker turnaround times, lower communication costs and faster results.

Are they communicative?

Commercial legal practice is not about forms and privacy policies. Your Brisbane business lawyer should be on the front foot with regular updates relevant to your business or industry.

Your interests should be their foremost interest. At QBPL your success is our success.

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