Departing employees who set up a business in competition or start work for a competitor can be a threat to the well-being of your business.

Unfortunately, no matter how well drafted is the “non-compete” provision in your employment contract, some former staff will be tempted to cross the line.

Queensland Business + Property Lawyers can take a range of contractual measures to improve your position to prevent the likelihood of such an occurrence.

But if it appears a former key employee may be intending to compete, experienced legal advice should be sought urgently.

Skilled in quickly preparing court documents for orders to restrain such conduct, we will act decisively and promptly to bring an end to the danger.

You will need to tell us what confidential business information you think the staff member may be exploiting; how he or she accessed that information; the evidence that demonstrates that it is being made use of; and what contractual provisions apply in relation to restraint of trade.

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