Our Body Corporate Disputes team’s expertise in the law of community titles and property law is a major advantage for owners and body corporate entities or their managers in resolving disputes.

body corporate disputesNot unexpectedly, community title arrangements (including units, townhouses, and duplexes) – involving as they do numerous personalities –  spawn disputes that are growing in number at the same pace as unit ownership itself, especially on the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast, in Brisbane and through south-east Queensland.

Body Corporate disputes typically arise between:-

  • Unit owners;
  • An Owner and body corporate;
  • Body corporate and developer;
  • Body corporate and Manager; or
  • An owner/the body corporate and a neighbour.

The most common conflicts among the stakeholders relate to:

  • Disputes with managers and contractors
  • Building deterioration;
  • Construction defects;
  • Permission for Pets;
  • Owner’s proposal for unit improvements or changes;
  • By-law issues;
  • Exclusive Use arrangements;
  • Administration or Sinking Fund levies; and
  • Management performance and management fees.

Body corporate disputes can be resolved through:

QLD Business + Property Lawyers have experience in acting on behalf of lot owners, body corporates, managers, letting agents and caretakers.

The experienced team of body corporate dispute lawyers will help you find a solution and prepare your case for QCAT or the BCCM  Commissioner. Please feel free to contact us on 1300-590-613 or by email to [email protected] about any community title legal issues you may have.

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