Queensland Business + Property Lawyers is expert in leveraging the knowledge of its talented professionals for the benefit of its clients. Get value from your law firm!

Industries We Service

Land development

We know contract drafting, sales checklists, statutory requirements, fast delivery, full legal office service and on time and on-budget legals.

We also know the value to you of sales-amenable contract documents and a rigid easy to follow framework for immediate generation and completion of all required paperwork.

Real estate agencies

The compliance and legal technical issues associated with Queensland real estate agency practice are multifaceted and complex.

We know the Property Occupations Act and Agents Financial Administration Act and are experienced contract and real estate lawyers.

Our Real Estate Agency Advisory Service provides prompt and cost-effective solutions for your day to day operation.


The intricacies of café, restaurant, catering, hotel and entertainment venue leases and sales are many and varied.

As much attention is needed regarding the trading figures such establishments should be applied to the selection of the legal team chosen to bring the deal home.

Select a law firm that has a head for business and can leverage the expertise of its talented professionals to add value to your transaction.


Air-side and public area businesses need lawyers who understand the industry you are a part of. Leasing, business sales and major company service contracts are all transactions to which we can add greater value to you because of our expertise and experience and experience in your industry.

Call today to discuss your needs.

Medical practices

Medical practices have a unique set of legal requirements. Staff employment & contractor agreements, profit-sharing, premises leases and practice financing are all influenced by the intricacies of the healthcare environment and multi-agency government oversight.

The sale and acquisition of medical practices also requires a legal team with an understanding of the industry in which the players operate as well as the regulatory landscape.

QBPL’s experience and depth of expertise in the industry will be an asset to your transaction.


Grazing, grain production, feedlots and poultry production all have particular requirements sensitive to the multi-faceted regulatory environment and features of their industry and the locations at which they are conducted.

Contact QBPL for advice on a full range of business transactions concerning your enterprise.


Our technical knowledge and continuous learning sets us apart.

Our absolute thoroughness and relentless hard work ensures excellent results.

Our critical thinking opens up out-of-the-ordinary solutions.

We do what we say and take responsibility for what is expected of us.

We all “own” the customer experience of all clients.


Our unique fixed-fee service packages are easy to understand and terrific value for money. We expertly perform all the normal legals at a fraction of normal legal rates!

3 things to consider before choosing your business lawyers

Will they add value?

QBPL team members have all the technical skills and offer a fresh outlook for how to achieve your business objectives.

Having a sense for business and being able to leverage expertise for the benefit of your business can add outstanding client value. Call today.

Are they efficient?

Does your commercial law firm deploy advanced systems and technology that streamlines processes to reduce client costs and provide transparency?

QBPL provides client side access to document and critical transaction details  – which means quicker turnaround times, lower communication costs and faster results.

Are they communicative?

Commercial legal practice is not about forms and privacy policies. Your Brisbane business lawyer should be on the front foot with regular updates relevant to your business or industry.

Your interests should be their foremost interest. At QBPL your success is our success.

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