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Financial products or the banks that promote them, sometimes don’t live up to the promises made. If the fruits of years of your hard work or those of a financial guarantor have been put in peril by misleading advice or bank practices, we can advise you through the disputation process to bring about a positive outcome.

Seek our advice also on late payment penalties, “exorbitant” interest, “unconscionable” loans, predatory practices or unfair terms and how your circumstances may be satisfactorily resolved.

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Financial Advice

This involves a sale of the company “warts & all” to the buyer, where one of the assets is the business itself. The buyer acquires the company including all of its assets and all of its liabilities. It therefore requires a buyer to be satisfied that the company is ‘clean’. The buyer must be satisfied with the following:

  • Any potential for customer or supplier disputes
  • Adverse taxation liability
  • Latent liabilities
  • Incomplete regulatory compliance


Our Proven Formula, Advice & Steps of Sale

How Will you market the business sale?

If you’re working with a broker, he or she will publicize the sale of your business. To advertise on your own, look into online business directories and local advertising options.

Where Will Staff Members Go?

Think about whether current employees will leave once the business is sold or continue to work under the new owner. Wait until the deal is signed and unconditional to start discussions with staff and help with transitions.

Why Are You Selling?

Selling your business is a big move, so be clear about your reasons. The desire to retire or change industry is a common motivation for business sales. However, if its just that you’re feeling overwhelmed or exhausted, focus on remaining sufficiently dedicated to close the sale.

Who Will Help You Sell?

Most people use a broker. Using a broker is less hassle because you have someone else to help with the details, handle the paperwork, explain the legalities and connect you with a network of buyers.

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3 things to consider before choosing your business lawyers

Will they add value?

QBPL team members have all the technical skills and offer a fresh outlook for how to achieve your business objectives.

Having a sense for business and being able to leverage expertise for the benefit of your business can add outstanding client value. Call today.

Are they efficient?

Does your commercial law firm deploy advanced systems and technology that streamlines processes to reduce client costs and provide transparency?

QBPL provides client side access to document and critical transaction details  – which means quicker turnaround times, lower communication costs and faster results.

Are they communicative?

Commercial legal practice is not about forms and privacy policies. Your Brisbane business lawyer should be on the front foot with regular updates relevant to your business or industry.

Your interests should be their foremost interest. At QBPL your success is our success.

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