Queensland’s Civil and Administrative Tribunal last month ordered that Gold Coast real estate agent Damian Repovs reimburse $7.5k in respect of rent received that was “not deposited to the respective bank accounts” of Hope Island homeowners and promotional products suppliers, Stephen Unwin and Kerry Hampton.

The Office of Fair Trading had paid out the homeowners’ claim against Repovs’ residential rentals management company, Growstar Pty Ltd from the PAMD fidelity fund and were seeking an order from QCAT requiring the agent make reimbursement within 21 days.

Repovs was unrepresented at the hearing and the order requested was made on the papers.

 The Chief Executive, Office of Fair Trading, Department of Justice and Attorney-General v Repovs [2014] QCAT 136 Professor Ashman, Member 08/04/2014



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