Attorney-General Jarod Bleijie has promised to slash PAMDA red tape that is suffocating Queensland’s real estate and property development industries.

Phoning in to ABC radio in reponse to a Steve Austin studio interview with Peter Carter, Bleijie who was a Sunshine Coast solicitor in a former life, resoundingly confirmed his support for swift real estate red-tape reform.

The MP was an active member of the Parliamentary Legal Affairs Committee that recommended buyer warning statements be incorporated into residential real estate contracts and the PAMDA requirement for “attention directing” pre-contract notifications, be eliminated.

There is support on all sides of politics to fix the mess but the problem is now so pervasive that any solution will have its own huge overheads: new rules that will require re-tooling, re-learning and even more opportunity for unintentional non-compliance.

The reforms must be carefully crafted and must also be comprehensive.

Every agent and developer knows the current multitude of forms is as confusing to buyers as it is useless as a consumer protection measure. The forms are mostly ignored.

Transaction and disputations cost are a painfully real everyday part of the lives of most industry personnel – and many of the developers and consumers they are servicing.


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