Contract termination


Flour Mill Developer Caught By Plummeting High-Rise Values

A developer who defaulted on the purchase of a $25m condominium project at the historic Albion Flour Mill site has been ordered to pay the vendor millions in compensation for the collapsed deal. Fridcorp Group – operated by developers Paul Fridman and Chris Roche – signed up to buy the 12 lot FKP site in July 2015. The company’s $400m

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EFT deposit due “on signing” hits account the next day. Can seller terminate?

It didn’t take long for the Red Rock Realty agent to get her seller’s signature on the buyers’ offer. An email to buyers Joshua Long and Vanessa Wilson followed shortly after with a copy of the contract at around 2 pm. The reference schedule for the Springwood sale amended the usual requirement for payment of the deposit from “on the

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Hairdresser loses home over rent-to-buy tenancy deal

Gold Coast hair salon owner Michelle Glynn has been forced to sell her Varsity Lakes home following


Builder sues for return of subdivided Lakeview lot “coerced” away by daughter

When Varina Quinn was given a rural block of land her father had cut off from the family estate, it


Going south: House & boat in Cape Tribulation resort swap

A $4 million deal for the sale of a Cape Tribulation resort was as exotic as its location is spectacular. An 8 acre oasis in the World Heritage listed


Hot market contract termination: does deposit bond expiry require cash in lieu?

A rising market is often characterised by sellers seeking to back out of deals they suspect

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